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Does Being Open Leave you Open?

Updated: Sep 13

Does Being Open make you a more vulnerable person?

It's definitely, hands down pop culture to be open! Whether it be ideas, people, beliefs, customs and ways of life it's uncouth to be anything less than open!

I have learned so much by being open and looking past all of my "Junk" as Micheal A. Singer recalls in his book "The Untethered Soul" The idea that he expands on is one that I have felt for myself. Standing on 50th street in my hometown of Vancouver, Washington with hot tears streaming down my face, ear buds fully engaged in an Audiobook that revolutionized my life as I knew it! Suddenly, all those pieces of luggage I was carrying had no purpose! All of my, "Look at me and all my hurts" desegrated and I imagined the past few years I had unnecessarily put on boxing gloves PREIMPTIVELY preparing for battle! At times to those closest to me, in full fledge efforts to wage the war first! I had that 1 finger pointed without realizing the 3 that were pointed back at me! Tears streaming down my face I set down the "bags" and traded them for unspeakable joy that day!

The journey to arriving at this point was one of my mind, I took me there, and even if I didn't want to go each day we went around the "marry-go-round" of the same thoughts. Who knew all I had to do was jump off!

Read. Hands down engage your brain! Give it something to do. An idle mind is the Devil's playground! Keep yourself full of new ideas! Flood your thoughts with wonderment and fuel your creativeness with knowledge!

Get outside of your own experience by looking at it from the outside view! View yourself as the ghost of Christmas past, as an unseen spectator and really learn to laugh and observe yourself as you react to situations around you! Say to yourself, "Wow I'm really sensitive about this aren't I?" "Wow, look at how passionate I am here!" Your growth will come from witnessing your own reactions to things you don't have perspective on! Reactions are based on everything inside of us that was there since we can remember! Perceptions are based on individual perspectives and once you subtract those perspectives you are left with objective views and you'll find that being open doesn't make one any more vaunerable, it makes you a better listener, an active listener who can paticipate in the conversation instead of preparing your pre-recorded responses.

I believe that it can be venerable to be open, and it can leave you empty handed at times having tried to grow and evolve! Not everyone will be cheering you on! But growth and openness go hand in hand, in my humble and confident opinion you need both. To be open to grow and to grow to be open.

I hope for each one of my readers you get to read the "Untethered Soul" and you too get the chance to put down your bags and trade them for Joy!

What Junk are you carrying that you'll decide to set down? Comment Below, it pays to be open! Then look for the audiobook and start your journey in dealing with your "Junk" it's good Junk! Everyone has it! Which is why we are so screwed up!

I love being screwed up! We are so much more psychologically interesting that way! "Freaks" Go out and have yourself a good day! I know I will! Good day "Freaks"

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