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Chemo's over! What now?

Updated: Sep 13

Chemo's Over! What Now? Welcome To My Blog Life after Ovarian Cancer; The journey to a NEW Me!

Hello! My name is Jacqueline Ream. I love life, have an eternally optimistic view regarding life and an infectious spirit and energy! I believe I am blessed beyond belief by God himself! I believe that even Cancer was a gift, possibly the biggest gift to date! I fully intend on walking you down my journey, protected by Angels, and highlighting each and every turn.

I am highly bent (proudly so) towards psychological wonderment! I will continue to find the lesson and the beauty in everything as I have what I call a dual mind - that is the strength of being both mathematical and creative simultaneously! I am very egotistical, gregarious, vein, polite, and humble & I like me that way!

Guaranteed when on this journey with me you'll be invited to explore, ponder, learn, and challenge yourself that with one finger pointing in blame there's always 3 fingers pointing straight back at you! Never miss an opportunity to clean up your side of the street as it's really all we have control over anyway! Let's climb this mountain one step at a time! Acknowledging our faults along the way, eager to change, grow, and to remain open to all possibilities!

Let's start with being venerable!

Visit our website, then leave a comment about where you grew up!

"Freaks" Be kind to yourself and indulge in articulate compliments to yourself daily! Be your biggest Fan! And whatever you do - Have a fantabulous day! You KNOW I will!!!

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