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We provide deep and chemical-free cleaning services to our clients. Our team has 25 years of experience in the industry and we are proud to be woman-owned, Pet Friendly, & LGTBQ+ friendly.

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What We Offer

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Customize Your CleanFreaks Experience

CleanFreaks Signature Clean

No Harsh Products

Deepest Clean in The PNW

CleanFreaks Signature Clean uses only the force necesary to address the clean.  We don't believe in Bleach nor spray Chemicals to get the job done.  Infact, most of our cleaning is tackled with soap and water and elbow grease,  time and technique.  A few helpers to ensure the task is handled without harsh chemicals!  We love to put our know how to use and avoid asperating the various sprays on the market as we clean your home.  Our health, and the health of our "Freaks" is vital as we navigate your home.  

What will my home smell like if you don't employ the Classic Cleaners?  It will smell Clean!  The beauty of what we use and the finished product will smell largely like soap and water, even if we utilize bleach free granulated cleaners they all get washed down the drain, free of chalky residue and smooth to the touch. 


Your home or office will be cleaner than ever before!  It will sparkle because of our two step or three step system of cleaning and drying behind! Infact, your home and office will sparkle in places you least expect it!  When you add CleanFreaks Windows and Blinds to the package you'll be the "Martha Stuart" of the neighborhood!  Even on our return visits, coined "Re-Deeps" we make it a priority to be the deepest Cleaning Company in the Pacific Northwest!  Each clean is custom, as it should be!  

Convert My Home & Office

CleanFreaks Zero Chemical Cleaning

Fragrance Free Options

Auto Immune Specialists

     CleanFreaks' Owner comes to the table with personal experience.  As an Ovarian Cancer Survivor Jacqueline knows what it means to go Natural.  Before that day she embraces so much of the natural approach to life.  Many of our household cleaners are sitting beneath our counters and sinks either ineffective, ruinous, and impacting our health!  CleanFreaks will safely remove those items and convert your household!  With a personal Essential Oil.collection from Doterra and utilizing Kangen water by leveraging the PH and electrolysis of the water to leave flawless Mirrors, floors, and easily coax grease off of surfaces!  The clean will leave the house clean and disinfected without harmful chemicals infiltrating through your skin.  Then you are able to keep the regimen between visits and know that you and family are investing in your health with each application!  By inviting CleanFreaks to Clean your home or office we will utilize oils and Kangen water these items would remain at your home.and you can work directly with our Oils Expert, and Kangen Water Specialist to select Health needs specific to your home.  


      Fragrance Free options are also available!  We know that fragrance free cleans can provide a soft landing place for a headache free zone.  We can stock your home with the preferences you want and need for a clean home without the smells!  CleanFreaks is careful to consider customized cleaning options and explore cleaning methods that are best for our customers!


      Auto Immune Cleaning Specialists refers to mold and the precious folks that are sensitive to mold and other auto immune conditions.  We understand mold, and Auto immune conditions that make it not only hard to clean, but hard to function!  This is a Judgement free zone where all we care about is being the deepest and most malleable Cleaning Service in the Portland/Vancouver area!


Years of Experience

Satisfied Customers


Expert Staff Members


Cleaned Spaces

Why Our Clients Love Us!

Teddy P.

Portland, OR

So happy to be back into our monthly rotation after being away in March and missing our crew. As we have come to expect, Danny and Shelby worked quickly and quietly, especially welcome after I had a rough night last night. They even managed to get some windows washed on their way out the door!

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Experienced and Professional Team

Our team consists of experienced and professional cleaners who are passionate about their work. We prioritize quality and attention to detail in all our cleaning services.

Customized Cleaning Solutions

We understand that every client has unique needs and requirements. That's why we offer customized cleaning solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Chemical-Free Cleaning Options

At CleanFreaks, we are passionate about using as many chemical free cleaners possible. We have Fragrance free options and understand mold sensativities and auto-immune conditions! .

Extra Care Hygiene

We prioritize extra care hygiene in all our cleaning services to ensure that your space is not only clean but also healthy for you and your loved ones.

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